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Whether you are drowning in your business or ready to take your team to the next level, you've come to the right place.

Are you ready to accept help from others that have been where you are, and successfully made it through to the other side?


I know what it’s like to think I have to figure it all out on my own. I know what it’s like to think I have to do it all. I know what it’s like to have no idea when in my day I’ll have time for it all. I know how it feels to be completely overwhelmed not knowing where to even start.


When I realized that I didn’t have to do it all on my own and made the decision to hire my first coach, life instantly became so much easier, I actually cried with relief. Are you ready to feel that relief? Whether you are overwhelmed with the day-to-day and don't know how to move forward; or frustrated by the lack of efficiency in your business, the solution is here for you.


Welcome to your best future.



You started your business to improve your quality of life, take control of your future in construction and make an impact on the lives of the people you serve. But here you are feeling burned out. Feeling like your schedule is too full and there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done and what you do get done, pales in comparison to what you know you are capable of.
Even if you did have the time to work on your business, you wouldn’t even know where to begin to make the biggest impact. You are racing from the time you roll out of bed in the morning until the time you fall back in at night. Through it all, you’ve lost your focus and connection to the business you used to love and now you don’t even know what your business is doing. You feel like your business is controlling your life instead of you controlling your business.


Figuring it out on your own is challenging especially when your strength lies in doing your craft and serving your customers. Having a business consultant on your team will help you stay on track and address challenges as they arise, keeping you moving forward and focused on what truly matters. You will improve your bottom line, streamline your processes, and achieve sustainable growth. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your business.


Workshops + Training

Are you looking to elevate your company and doing so with training from experts with experience in building great people and great companies? You're in the right place!


Great companies do not happen by accident, they are built with intention.


Engaging, impactful and insightful presentations, trainings, and workshops for construction related companies, either in-person or virtually.


The topics range from creating a culture worth talking about, leading from the top, communication and managing conflict to finding the clarity and confidence your company needs to to be successful. Each session is customized to the group’s needs to ensure the desired outcome.

Workshops + Training
Fractional COO Services

Fractional COO Services

You are growing, taking on more projects, that takes more of your time as the business owner and day by day you recognize things could be done better, you just don't know how to find time to figure it out. You're not yet in a position to hire a full time operations manager, and you could really use the help .


If that’s you, that's where our services come in. We provide experienced, high-level leadership on a part-time basis, allowing you to focus on what you do best - building great projects.​

By hiring us to help your business, you gain the benefit of a Chief Operating Officer without incurring the expense of hiring a full time position. We help construction businesses identify weaknesses in their operations to create more efficiency and predictability, putting more money in their pocket.


Here are some problems you may be experiencing that we can help solve:

  • Uncertainty about where the company is headed and what you want to achieve: We work with you to set clear goals and develop a plan to achieve them to help your company grow and succeed.

  • Wasting time and resources because of inefficient ways of operating: We analyze your workflows and implement improvements to increase efficiency and reduce waste that will save your company time and money, making you more profitable.

  • Not having a clear idea of where your money is going or how much you're making: We provide financial oversight and training that helps you better understand your numbers, your money and helps you to make informed decisions in your company.

  • Struggling to finish projects on time and within budget: We provide project management expertise to help you complete projects on time and within budget to increase profitability, strengthen your reputation and gain happy clients.

The best way to predict the future, is to create it.


~ Abraham Lincoln


Sharmonique Manning
Eden Professionals

Who dropped Coralee Beatty out of the sky? I think I love her. Today’s call was absolutely amazing! I WAS a mess and she helped get me all the way together.

Tracy Blehm

Working with Coralee brings you such powerful clarity on where you are shooting yourself in the foot and the steps you need to take to get back in the flow. Her no-nonsense approach assists you with getting to the root of the matter quickly so that you are able to step forward with confidence and create that profitable business you always talk about. I highly recommend working with Coralee if you are ready to do business... serious business.

Tamra Millikan

Coralee is a brilliant business coach!  Her insights and expertise helped me get unstuck and move forward in my business.  Because of her excellent coaching, I have launched and am working on scaling my business.  I highly recommend her for anyone looking to scale their business.

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