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Simple Steps to Hone Your Growth Mindset

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

If you’re following my blog, you’ve already learned about the power of mindset and even some steps you can take to leverage mindset for entrepreneurial success. But you may be left wondering exactly what you can do to take control and hone your growth mindset. A focus on your strengths and belief in your potential to grow are fundamental to shifting from a negative mindset to one that propels your success. Still, realizing your strengths and potential are just a first step, and honing your mindset requires dedicated practice. So, what more can you do? Let’s take a closer look.

Have a Little Faith

You need to have faith – in yourself. You’ve identified your strengths and you’ve likely experienced many successes in your life, but the path to greater success will be met with many obstacles. You must compel yourself to have faith that you can build on your talents, learn new skills, and ultimately overcome any barrier to achieving your goals. Have faith in yourself and be consistent in applying your skills and abilities. You cannot be stopped.

Reframe “Failure”

Listen carefully – we all “fail”. In other words, we all have situations not turn out as we expected or hoped. Every one of us will encounter significant disappointments in your personal and professional lives. Those of us with a growth mindset simply see “failure” as an opportunity to learn and grow. Take time to think about your “failures” and identify the things you’ve learned and this will help you gradually reframe “failure” as opportunity.

Embrace Curiosity

Commit yourself to lifelong learning by embracing curiosity in your daily life. Ask difficult questions of yourself and the things and people around you. Engage your curiosity when evaluating your competitors so that you can learn from their wins and losses too. A growth mindset can be honed by always seeking areas for improvement in yourself and your environment.

Seek New Challenges

When you avoid challenges, growth stops. Seeking new challenges and allowing yourself to find joy in the learning that comes from these challenges allows you to refine your growth mindset. In a recent blog I discussed goal setting and an important recommendation is to set goals that feel risky. Don’t settle for easy, new challenges can fuel your drive for growth. Inspire and Be Inspired

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Our colleagues, friends, family, and even competitors will overcome hurdles and reach new milestones. How can you use their success as inspiration in your journey? Allow yourself to feel genuine happiness and excitement for their accomplishments and you’ll find that you’ll be more motivated to follow in their footsteps. You can reflect on what they’ve done well and naturally you’ll be more motivated to reach your own goals.

At the end of the day, honing your growth mindset requires commitment to experiencing your journey as a series of opportunities to learn, adapt, and evolve so that you are a more powerful version of yourself.


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