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My Story.

I am a serial entrepreneur that included a successful exit from a multi-7 figure construction business. 


My experience in the construction industry started with a 10 year career as a building envelope consultant with a multinational engineering firm.


I left the engineering firm to work full time with my husband in our mechanical contracting business and did so for the following 15 years.

The growth of our business to seven figures was so quick that before I realized it, my business was running my life. The “freedom” that business ownership was supposed to offer was lost in the running of the business - putting out one fire, and then the next. I bought vacations for my employees because I didn’t have time to take them myself, I was losing valuable time with my kids, running frantic and never able to be “present”.


I hired a business coach to help keep me accountable to working “on” my business instead of always getting lost “in” my business. In addition to being held accountable, I learned how to structure and organize my business, manage my time, increase my profitability and scale my business to multi-seven figures, putting myself in a position to sell my business.  

I sold my business and I set out on my path of coaching other women business owners in construction and trades, sharing the lessons I learned, to lighten their burden and help them reach the life they want.

Why Work With Me?

Because I am one of you.


I was, where you are and I found my way out, I can help you do the same. I know what it takes to lead a successful trades or construction business and I am passionate about helping other women leaders in trades or construction realize their full potential in life and business.


In addition to being cut from the same cloth, on a more practical level, my proprietary “Success Trifecta” approach focuses on building and stabilizing your business foundation through 3 Pivotal Success Pillars:


1 - Purpose: What will keep you going on the hard days? What do you stand for? What are you working toward? Why will people want to work for you and with you?

2 - People: Create a culture where your people are loyal and personally invested in the success of your company; create a memorable experience for your customers that leave them raving about your service

3 - Platform: Build your business to be profitable: systems & processes; right metrics in place; where to focus your attention for the direction you are going.


We are here to be of service to you; to lighten your burden, increase your profitability and the enjoyment of your business. We help reduce your overwhelm and provide clarity on how to move forward


Our strength lies in our ability to simplify complex situations to help you gain clarity and break solutions down into manageable steps, to make the seemingly unattainable, attainable.


How We Roll


At Thrive HQ we make life better because we wholeheartedly believe in:


Always doing what’s right 

We always have your best interest at heart; knowing that doing the right thing by you, is the right thing for us.


Being part of the solution

We are focused on finding solutions that will elevate you and move you forward.


Creating meaningful connections 

We provide the platform to surround yourself with like-minded people also in pursuit of greater things.


Freedom leading to greatness 

When you have true freedom, you have the opportunity to give back, help others and make a greater impact to those you serve.


Having fun along the way

Everything is so much more enjoyable and easier when you have fun doing it. We help bring back the laughter.

About Me

About Me

Those are my “roles”. I am also a passionate, spiritual, life-loving human that loves to hike, run, bike and be in nature. I love to be in, on or near the water in any way I can. I love to learn and be organized! I thrive when I have structure and goals. I love the work I am doing because I’m helping women maximize their business potential and live the life they love. Life is short, it should be fun!


After high school, I attended university studying Psychology with a minor in Criminology. Originally interested in helping people in the criminal justice system, I recognized that I was unable to identify with the people I wanted to help most. I questioned my ability to genuinely help people I couldn’t identify with. I left university and went to technical school to study my other passion, construction. I graduated from the Building Technology Program and for the next 10 years, I worked as a building envelope consultant with a multinational engineering firm. During that time I met my husband, we raced downhill mountain bikes together, got married and had two children. At that point, I retired from the engineering firm and took on the position of general contractor for building our family home and worked full time on the business I was building with my husband. In the following years, our family grew to add two more kids to fill the home we built.


After selling our business I took some time to re-evaluate and decide what was next for me. I hired a life coach to help me find the answers I knew were within but was having a hard time finding on my own. Then one morning a light went on – it occurred to me that I, too, wanted to be a coach! I could combine my love of helping people with my love of construction to be a business coach for women in construction or trades to share the lessons I learned in my many years of business. I wanted to lighten the load for women that find themselves in the same place I was in. I knew I could genuinely help them because I was one of them. I immediately registered for courses and became a certified coach. 

Today I homeschool my four children, spend as much time as I can in the forest with my family and love helping women reignite their passion for their trades or construction business, seeing them realize their business potential and living the lives they love. In addition, I advocate for women in trades to empower them to take control of their future in the trades by starting a business and doing so on the right foot.

I am a wife, a mother of four, a homeschooler, a business owner and an advocate for women in trades and construction.


Client Love

Gloria Pic.png
Gloria Marie
GloJoy Co

Having Coralee as our business coach has been like having a silent partner with decades of experience and wisdom in our back corner. Since we've started to work with Thrive HQ, our business has increased productivity and streamlined operations to a place where as an owner, I can finally take weekends off without feeling guilty. Next quarter, I might even take a vacation again! Coralee’s been a blessing to my business and everyone around me.

Myra Pic.png
Myra Villalobos
Villalobos Builders

The added professional and personal value of working with ThriveHQ and Coralee has been transformational for me. My business opportunities and confidence have greatly expanded. I highly recommend this service and investment to anyone in construction looking to make leaps and bounds in their professional career, and personal growth.

Kirsten Pic.png
Kirsten VanBreevoort
Confluence Heating & Cooling

An encouraging and relatable mentorship opportunity from another female business owner. In addition to that a group of women business owners in the trades gather together to build each other up. With guest speakers to provide continued education where we need it the most. An excellent community to be apart of. Well done.

She believed she could, so she did.


~ R.S. Grey

Image by Andrey Haimin

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