Elite Warrior Women

Imagine belonging to a group of women that:

  • are all kick-ass women connected to the construction industry, just like you;

  • are business owners and leaders in the industry, just like you;

  • are looking to empower and uplift other women in the industry, seeing each other as allies and not competitors, just like you;

  • you can collaborate with on projects and initiatives;

  • you can connect with on ideas and experience to increase your resources;

  • you can network with to expand your reach and opportunities; and

  • can act as a sounding board and an objective support system that gets you, because they are one of you

If this is something for you, I invite you to register for the Elite Warrior Women.


What you will get


Surround yourself with powerful, like-minded women also in the construction industry


Work alongside other women in construction and have an opportunity to collaborate on our growth in business and in life.


Have your questions answered, share ideas and gain fresh ideas, learning what other women are doing in the industry


The community you have been looking for!

This is a supportive, collaborative group of women business owners and leaders in the construction industry, working together to elevate and take active interest in the success of each other. The construction industry can be a lonely place for women business owners and leaders and here, you have found your tribe.